Blink: the game.

The idea I had for this story was inspired by a game that most of us have played in our life. Remember when people stared at one another to see who blinks first? I imagined a game that I called “Blink”, and works almost the same way, but it happens in a virtual reality where you can create everything to make the adversary blink first.

This publication is the third of a series of publications where I tell the entire story. Link to part 1. Link to part 2.

His bed alarm beeps. He wakes up and turns it off. We hear a slightly happy music (off scene) while we see the beginning of Klarich’s day.

Cut to: Klarich receives text messages while he is on his bike. One message seems to be from the owner of a local store telling Klarich to pick and deliver some things somewhere.

We see Klarich doing more than one delivery with his bike.

Then, while he is waiting outside of a local grocery store for more stuff to deliver he does some research about the game (Blink) with his cellphone: he visits an online forum and sees many positive commentaries about the game. A good looking middle-aged men (the owner of the local grocery store), wearing a green apron, give paper bags with groceries to Klarich deliver. This middle-aged man knows Klarich’s mother (from high school), but both aren’t in a relationship yet.

After this last delivery, Klarich goes to the official Blink website with his cellphone again and read some stuff we can barely see. A friend (Enrí) text Klarich asking if he is riding to college. Klarich sends: be there in a minute.

Klarich is now listening to music on his bike and he is riding safely to college.

Klarich finds his friends at college (Clarissa and Enrí). End of the music.

Klarich asks if his friends are hungry and they take a table near a snack bar inside the campus. They talk about how much boring college classes can be, and Klarich concludes: they don’t even care if we find it useful. Then, Klarich brings the game to the chat: I’m playing a new game… My brother invented it. I mean… He helped with some stuff.

Clarissa: You never talk about him.
Klarich: Yeah… It’s incredible how he did this game. It is pretty intense. And I did some research today. It appears that it was created by more than one person. And my brother insisted to keep the game very basic, clean.
Enrí (after he looks at his own cellphone): It's time. Let's get going.

They all stand up.

Clarissa: but what it is about?
Klarich: It must be played online, multiplayer, and I only finished the tutorial. I didn't play a real match yet but the game is like this: who blinks first loses, and you can simulate everything to make your opponent Blink.
Enrí: Nice.

By Dom Fou on Unsplash

They are close to the classroom door, and Enrí takes some papers out of his own schoolbag.

Clarissa: You guys did read the text, right?
Enrí: yes.
: me too.

They enter in class. They are not late but there are a lot of people there already. They sit.

Klarich: booooring.

Cut to: it's night again and Klarich is in his room. Next to him, there is an empty bowl of noodles on his computer table. He pushes the bowl aside, puts his virtual reality device on, and logs in the game.

We see Klarich alone in all that blank space looking around for someone. Klarich: coach? Out of nothing, Nicholson appears. He is seated in an old armchair.

Klarich: there you are.

Nicholson is watching what seems to be the final credits of a movie but running faster. It’s actually a lot of computer data.

Klarich: what are you doing?
Nicholson (drinking a beer): hey, Klarich…

Nicholson press a button on the TV remote control. The image on the TV changes. We see, from Klarich’s point of view, two people playing Blink on the TV. One throws a white badly formed ball in the direction of the other player who protects his face with his arm.

Nicholson: I’m monitoring the game activity. There are only 43 people playing the game right now.

Nicholson turns the TV off with the remote control. Nicholson stands up, everything he was using (the TV, the remote control, the beer, and the armchair, vanishes out of thin air).

Nicholson: okay, so, you think you are ready?
Klarich: I worked on a few tricks. One or two.
Nicholson: Just remember: stay focus, don’t blink, and don’t think you are in control. Let’s do it, kid. Good luck.
Klarich: hey, wait!

From Klarich’s point of view, we realize how fast Nicholson just disappeared, and all we see now is a countdown: we see a big number 3 (Klarich says: fuck) it is turned into 2 (Klarich says: okay, don’t blink, don’t blink, don’t blink), then 1… And Klarich’s first match starts. Tense music.

Five meters from Klarich we see another player. This player is dressed in yellow. The dress is something between a vinyl dress and a racing cloth, and there is a motorcycle helmet covering the face. It is a girl, but we can hardly tell by the clothes. And she is holding something with her closed fist. She reveals it is a retractable self-defense stick. Five clones are created out of her, and they all are using that same stick. They start to run in Klarich’s direction.

Klarich (telling to himself): ok, it prioritizes change, so I can do anything with those clones.

Klarich imagines a baseball bat. Klarich does some fighting. The clones receive punches, kicks, and bat hits. The clones that Klarich hits are destroyed (they become very small yellow blocks that disappear as they hit the ground). But more clones are created. There are now about 20 clones surrounding Klarich. Klarich turns them all into sand and rocks just like Nicholson did with the wave in part 2. Then he looks around for the real player. She whistles, she is behind him. She opens her clothe showing her naked breast and Klarich blinks and loses the match.

Klarich is now in a blank space without the yellow player and he is still holding the baseball bat. We hear someone clapping. It’s Nicholson.

Nicholson: congratulations. You did great… For your first match….
Klarich: you saw that girl? That was some dirty trick.
Nicholson: you can’t even know if it was a girl. And that was a very experienced player. Your brother also played with her.
Klarich: did he won?
Nicholson: sure. Do you want to see it?

Nicholson takes the remote control out of his pocket, presses a button, a TV appears and we begin to see a match between the yellow player and Klarich’s older brother.

Nicholson (off scene): your brother was kind of old school.

The yellow player does that same “stick and clones” trick.

We don’t see Klarich’s older brother's face. We only see his back. He makes rainfall as we hear Snoop Dogg feat The Doors - Riders on the Storm (low volume).

He pulls a card key out of his pocket. A car appears (it’s a navy blue Nissan). He enters and we can barely see him behind that tinted window. I’m going to refer to him (Klarich’s older brother) as “D”.

D runs over all the 20 clones. The yellow player creates a yellow motorcycle and runs after D. She reaches him, and they are side by side. She creates a small sub-machine gun and fires against D, but the car seems to be bulletproof. Then both imagine obstacles in the blank space while they run. She creates small concrete walls (that D runs over), and he creates a few rusted oil barrels and big green garbage bins full of thrash and the Yellow player dodges all of them. D hits the break, and the yellow player hits it later. They are now 100 meters away from each other. They stare at each other a little before they accelerate against each other.

They seem to be testing who blinks first on a car collision that is about to happen. The collision doesn’t happen: they pass thru each other (the motorcycle passes thru the car like a ghost). Both vehicle images become glitchy as they merge (but it happens very fast).

Then, we only see the yellow player and his motorcycle hitting the break. The song (Riders on the Storm) is over. She looks around a bit to see if she won. And all she sees is a very blank space (without all that concrete walls and barrels and stuff). She removes the helmet (she is beautiful, short hair, serious, and radical) and says (believing she won): yes!

We’re on D's point of view. He is close to her (almost next to her). He says: boo! She gets frightened, she blinks and loses.

Cut back to: Nicholson turn the TV off with the remote control.

Nicholson: she is good. But too much cocky… So, you want to try another one? Come on… Show me your tricks.
Klarich: okay, but wait until I say I’m…

Nicholson and everything vanishes. We see the countdown beginning to count from Klarich’s point of view.

Klarich: ready…

3… 2… 1…

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