Who is responsible for mediocrity and anti-progress in contemporary thought?

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There is a crisis in contemporary science

According to Nature’s famous article Scientists behaving badly (by Brian C. Martinson, Melissa S. Anderson, and Raymond de Vries), there are many unethical practices that became common in modern scientific research.

Here I selected four among the sixteen practices listed in the article:

  • Scientists drop observations or data points from analyses based on an imprecise “gut feeling” that they were inaccurate.
  • Many scientists chose not to present data that contradict their own previous research.
  • They often overlook others’ use of flawed data or questionable interpretation of data.
  • And they change the design, methodology, or results of a study in response…

Says Bertrand Russell and Wilhelm Reich (while Leandro Konder offers a second opinion).

All authors quoted by this article: (1) Leandro Konder; (2) Wilhelm Reich; (3) Bertrand Russell. Images from Wikimedia Commons.


What does it mean to say: there can only be a psychology of fascism? It means to say that fascism is a pathology and that it is incapable of sustaining itself as a rational, or consistent, philosophy.

This phrase promotes, I would say, a way of underestimating fascism but authors such as Bertrand Russell and Wilhelm Reich defend this position very well (that fascism is a fallacy). Let’s see how they do it.

Bertrand Russell on Fascism

Russell lists the following social-cultural changes as the main factors that explain the rise of fascism in the 20th century:

“Comparing the world of 1920 with that…

And a few good reasons to worry about this porn genre.

By Jannet Serhan on Unsplash.

Hentai is a porn genre

In the West, it addresses pornographic pictures, movies, comics, or even games drawn in the Japanese animation style. While in Japan, it’s the word for “pervert,” but commonly used to address “perverse sexual desire.” According to Wikipedia, it’s the Japanese “abbreviation of hentai seiyoku (“sexual perversion”)”.

The most iconic elements of this genre are:

  • Tentacles, monsters, aliens, demons, and any sort of mystical, or fantastic beasts making sex with human beings.
  • High school students making sex in all sorts of places and under almost all possible circumstances.
  • Women with extremely big breasts.
  • And there are also all sorts of illegal…

A very brief introduction to Frege’s philosophy of mathematics.

Bronze bust of Gottlob Frege (1848–1925) by Karl-Heinz Appelt (1940–2013). Image downloaded from Wikimedia Commons and edited by me.

Empirism and Rationalism — The Two Most Important Points of View in the Philosophy of Mathematics

These are the two most basic distinctions in the philosophy of mathematics. So we can roughly say that any philosopher of mathematics has to take a stand on these two currents of thought, and Gottlob Frege (1848–1925) did so. He discussed Mill’s empiricist ideas and Kant’s rationalist ideas about the nature of mathematics and developed a new concept for the natural numbers in his The Foundations of Arithmetic: A logico-mathematical inquiry into the concept of number (Translated by J. L. Austin. Ed. Harper Torchbooks. New York, 1980).

Frege’s concepts for each natural number

I recently asked in a text here for Cantor’s Paradise: what is a…

A 4-minute essay on H.G. Wells, Josef Nesvadba, Nietzsche, Marx, and Nick Fury’s ideas about the future of mankind.

By Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash and edited by me.

In The Einstein Brain (1960), Josef Nesvadba (1926–2005) describes a future where hard sciences (physics, chemistry and etc.) solved all nature’s mysteries. Because of it, everyone engages in recreational activities to fill their time. Interesting, isn’t it?

But is a world without work a perfect world? For H.G. Wells it isn’t. In one of his most famous books, The Time Machine, he imagined that life would become so easy that people would be listless. I.e., given the absence of difficulties, suffering, for example, would become rare, and eventually the need for empathy too.

It is difficult to be precise about…

Is it a science or an art?

By Robert Katzki on Unsplash.

It’s science and it works

You can say a car work when you drive it without trouble, and the same thing applies to a bike or any other sort of vehicle. We can also say a theory in physics works when it helps you describe or even predict some sort of phenomenon. But can we say Geometry works? Is it science?

We use geometry in many things, as in the art of Design, Architecture, theoretical physics, and many other areas. I.e., we use geometry in both scientific areas and artistic areas, and it works just fine in all of them.

However, some may say Geometry…

Don’t let it be too late to discuss this topic with your loved ones.

By Mesh on Unsplash and edited by me.

Let’s talk about death

Death is taboo. No one wants (or almost no one) likes to talk about the possibility of dying. It’s not a happy issue but talking about it is very important. It might save you either by preventing it from happening too soon to you or to someone you love.

Plus, here is very useful advice: you should also discuss what to do immediately after a family member dies. It might save your family from a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After my grandfather passed away the regularization of his patrimony turned our family’s wealth into chaos. His death provoked a domino…

But fighting a little bit more than that…

By Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash and edited by me.

A Noble Cause

Recently, the resurgence of fascism in the world became clear to everyone. Bolsonaro rose to power in Brazil, Netanyahu in Israel, and many others, including even Trump in the United States (despite his recent loss, he controls the Republican Party, maintaining firm control of many states and local governments).

Being aware of this, I have involved myself since the last year in the activities of an anti-fascist party in my home country, Brazil.

Despite not being a big party (thus without much money nor many affiliates), they promoted collective activities such as creating all the contents of posters and banners…

Explaining time dilation.

A car in the city of Rotterdam. Photo by toine G on Unsplash.

Circumstances in nature

There is a thing called “Standard Temperature and Pressure” (STP) which has nothing to do with time dilation but helps us understand how physical phenomenons change depending on the circumstances.

So the conditions agreed as “standard” for temperature and pressure are sea-level atmospheric pressure (1 atm) and 0 Celsius (or 32 Fahrenheit). Under this atmospheric pressure, water would need to reach 100 Celsius to boil. Whereas, if the atmospheric pressure were 2 atm, water would need to reach 120 Celsius to boil.

That is, water behaves in different ways depending on the physical circumstances in which it finds itself (just…

But capitalism is desperate for it.

By Daniel Olah on Unsplash.

Space colonization can be a solution for capitalism?

Earth is a place with limited resources. Space is not. So, as long capitalism wants crazy good profits, it needs space colonization. But who will get there first?

When airplanes were invented, or steamboats, Portuguese caravels, or even at the beginning of mobile telephony, only an exclusive number of people benefited from these technologies.

Then, gradually, these things became more democratic. However, not completely, after all, it is still a small number of people who travel by plane, or even who traveled by caravel, or steamboat when these technologies were considered new.

However, the colonization and exploration of other places…

Alexander Philip Bird

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