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It’s not easy to be sure you’re doing a good job here. At some point, you’ve probably questioned yourself if you’re choosing the right subjects, the right images, the right publications, or writing well enough. It’s really hard to get accurate answers to all that, but I can help you…

Ultimately stagnating some technological advances and social progress.

The illusion of a forever useful capitalism

Some interesting things happen when society lets money rule the world. First of all, those who don’t have money have to fight the hardest they can to be included in the paycheck. This means the working class has to be desperately useful to the rich class to live. This can…

That’s what Dirk Helbing, professor at ETH Zürich and computer scientist, is trying to do, and here’s what I think may happen.

Computer Scientists Predicting The Future

Dirk Helbing, professor at ETH Zürich, was the main responsible for a project named FuturICT Knowledge Accelerator and Crysis Relief System which is a computing system that would help predict the future.

The core of the system is the Living Earth Simulator, a computing machine that attempts to simulate the…

Or between science and skepticism.

Science work is always deterministic?

Hopefully yes but not necessarily… Science tries its best to know all it can about nature. So, if nature is completely determinable, then, yes, everything would fall under determinism.

However, scientists from all areas also state that nature seems never tired of surprising us. It’s as if to summon a…

So why is Cantor’s Set Theory still considered flawed?

Set Theory is the greatest mathematical-logical invention since Leibniz's functions

Leibniz dreamed of a Characteristica Universalis (a universal formal language that would be used on logical analysis of concepts or on structures of scientific systems) to become a reality, and that’s exactly what Cantor’s Set Theory helps us achieve.

From numbers to functions, syllogisms, or subway train cars in Japan

This is a difficult problem. If you can solve it, then you should be considered a genius.

The Meaning of “Something to Do With”

Can you prove something on the other side of the planet has absolutely “nothing to do with” you? But in the sense that, let us say, a rock on the other side of the planet doesn’t involve you in any sort of manner? So far, we can’t prove it’s not…

Says Bertrand Russell and Wilhelm Reich (while Leandro Konder offers a second opinion).


What does it mean to say: there can only be a psychology of fascism? It means to say that fascism is a pathology and that it is incapable of sustaining itself as a rational, or consistent, philosophy.

This phrase promotes, I would say, a way of underestimating fascism but authors…

And a few good reasons to worry about this porn genre.

Hentai is a porn genre

In the West, it addresses pornographic pictures, movies, comics, or even games drawn in the Japanese animation style. While in Japan, it’s the word for “pervert,” but commonly used to address “perverse sexual desire.” According to Wikipedia, it’s the Japanese “abbreviation of hentai seiyoku (“sexual perversion”)”.

The most iconic elements…

Alexander Philip Bird

Top-writer in Science. M.A. in Philosophy. Some of my favorite science fiction are Metropolis and King Kong.

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